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Create a Collage using Photoshop

How-To: Quick-and-Easy Collages
There are many ways to make composite images in Photoshop, but using layers is your best bet. Here''s how to craft a digital collage with layers, layer masks, and other collage-specific effects.
Photoshop Montage and Collage - Merge and Combine Photos
Tutorials for creating photo montages that merge multiple photos in a variety of ways. Combine images into collages with subtle blends and composite multiple photos to correct problems or for creative effects. Learn how to stitch photos together for panoramas or other large format requirements

Create a Photo Collage
Layer thumbnails
The small images to the right of the Input Preview Monitor are thumbnail images of the sources assigned to each layer. Clicking a thumbnail for a layer makes it the active layer. If there are multiple insets or overlay layers, you can select among them by using the list above the thumbnail. You can assign a source to a layer by dragging the source to the appropriate thumbnail image.
Working with Masks and Making Selections in Photoshop
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