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American Association of Retired People
Financial Department
California History from Bob Santos and Cal State University, Stanislaus
California State Library
Census Bureau Map Products

Digital Atlas of California
Historic Topo Maps of California: San Francisco Bay Area
Migration Information Source
Office of Population Research Princeton University
Percent of CA Population Under 25 (1990)
Population Projections for the U.S.-Mexican Border
Portuguese/Azorean history and cultures in California
Public policy Institute of California
California State Historical Landmarks
The Latest Census Data

U.S. Census Bureau Los Angeles Regional Office
University of Southern California School of Policy, Planning, and Development
California Parks

Center for Migration Studies International Migration Review

Center for Southern California Studies

Institute for Womens Policy Research

J. Paul Getty Museum

Museum of Tolerance

The Nation

California''s Ethnic Groups, Cultures and Lifestyles

Elderly Population Increase (Percent) 1990-2020

Native Americans - California

California Indians (History)

Native Americans -- Traces of the California Indians

the California Native

the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California

Latini LA

La Prensa San Diego: Online version of this San Diego newspaper that views the news


Santa Barbara Library UCSB

UCLA Center for Near Eastern Studies :Arab and European Visitors

Portuguese/Azorean history and cultures in California

Islamic Center of Southern California

Pakistan Link

African American Genealogical Society of Northern California

California African American Museum

Chinese Historical Society of Southern California

People of the Mojave Desert !!!



Primary Industries and Rural Landscapes

California''s Modern, Advanced Economies

California''s Urban Landscapes
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