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51. Duration - The length of time that a segment of audio or video takes to play from
beginning to end.

52. Keyframe - This is a special-purpose marker that denotes the change in value to an applied effect parameter. When two keyframes are set in Final Cut Pro, the application calculates a transition based on their values.

53. Capture - Moving NTSC or PAL video, or audio, from tape to a digital format for use by Final Cut Pro. Also called digitizing video.

54. Linear editing - Video editing style where a program is edited together by moving shots from the original source tapes to a master tape, one by one. Because the assembly is linear, changes made to an earlier point of the tape result in the rest of the edited tape being reassembled.

55. Log bin - In Final Cut Pro, the specified bin where all of your logged clips go.

56. Insert edit - An edit in which a clip is added to the track at the specified point, moving clips that follow it out in time. This edit does not replace existing material.

57. Interlaced video - An analog video signal consisting of alternating odd and even fields.

58. Logging - The process of recording detailed information about which clips from your source tapes you want to use, in preparation for capturing them from videotape.

59. Markers - In Final Cut Pro, markers refer to either the edit points that define the start and end points of a clip, or points of reference that you can use to denote places of interest in your clips and sequences.

60. Bezier handles - Two-direction handles that control or influence the curve of the line segment between the handle and the next point on either side. The farther a direction handle is pulled out from its vertex point, the more force it applies to its line segment to bend or curve it. Direction handles are moved by dragging them.

61. Motion path - When you keyframe different center point locations in the motion settings for a clip over time, this appears in the Canvas showing the path your clip will travel over time.

62. Nested sequence - A sequence that is edited within another sequence.

63. Match frame edit - An edit that joins two shots that link or match a related action. For example, when cutting between a long shot and a close-up, this edit makes the action smooth and continuous.

64. Output - Video and audio that is ready for playback and distribution. Your edited program in Final Cut Pro can be go to tape as a QuickTime file or any one of a variety of different digital media.

65. Non-drop frame timecode - Timecode that counts an even number of frames per second.

66. Straight cut - A synchronized transition where both the audio and video tracks are cut together.

67. Acronym for Character Generator (CG) - A specialized hardware device used for creating titles.

68. Offline - Refers to clips that are currently unavailable to your project. This may be because they havenТt been captured yet, or because theyТve been moved to another location.

69. Noninterlaced video - The standard representation of images on a computer. Also referred to as progressive scan. The monitor displays the image by drawing one line after another from top to bottom. Different from interlaced video.

70. Offline editing - Generally refers to the process of editing the majority of oneТs program at low resolution, either to save on equipment costs or to conserve hard disk space. When the edit is finished, the material can be recaptured at high quality, or an EDL can be output to recreate the edit on another system.

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